Battle at the Beach

What is it:  A touch rugby (non contact) tournament fundraiser  AT THE BEACH to help fund the development of new high school rugby teams in the Charleston area.

Where is it:  Beautiful Isle of Palms Beach (10th - 14th Ave) in SC.

When is it:  POSTPONED due to conflicts arising from Hurricane Ian causing a delay in the regular Fall 7's schedule.  Busy working on a new date, stay tuned!

How will it work: 5-a-side touch rugby matches on the beach (up to 10 players in a squad with rolling substitutions during matches).  Boys and girls divisions with teams playing each other in a round robin format to collect points (win, loss, draw).  Boys and girls teams with the most points at the end of the day will be declared the winner.

Is there hardware: Oh yes there is! The winning boys and girls teams will each receive:

  • Battle at the Beach medals for each of their players.
  • Automatic GOAT status as inaugural champions.
  • Free entry into next year’s tournament.

How much does it cost:  $200 per team of up to 10 players ($20 per player).  If you don't have a team and want to join individually, $35 gets you in and placed on a mixed team.

How do I register a team or myself as an individual player: Two options, you can register your team (or just yourself) here or you can contact us here and we will help you get registered.

Will there be any tournament swag for sale: Yes there will!  You can choose from an awesome white or black unisex t-shirt in your preferred size.  These will be available for pre-order only and you can pick them up on the day at the tournament.  You can pay for these here or contact us here and we will help you.


Will there be a party afterwards: We are working with a local band to come and play at one of the awesome restaurants on the beach at Isle of Palms after the winners are crowned so we can all hang out and have fun together to celebrate the day.

 NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY - come and have a fun day on the beach, throw a ball around, make some new friends and experience the camaraderie associated with the beautiful game of rugby in a non contact format.  Any questions please contact us here.

NOTE:  All participants will be required to sign a waiver / release prior to being allowed to participate.  Waiver forms will be sent via email and collected in advance.