Winter League

Teams will compete in an action packed season in 2024 consisting of 3 Jamboree tournaments (one in Charleston, one in Greer and one in Columbia), the Davis Shepherd Cup (for Charleston based teams) and a state final!

The schedule is as follows (2023 dates):

 January 13 Local scrimmages at Oceanside

January 20

Jamboree #1 - Mt Pleasant SC. All teams competing in multiple matches.
January 27
Jamboree #2 - Greer SC.  All teams competing in multiple matches.
February 10 Jamboree #3 - Columbia SC (hosted by Spring Hill).  All teams competing in multiple matches.
February 17
Davis Shepherd Cup (local Charleston match for the 2 teams with the most points in the Jamborees); Wando, Oceanside, Lucy Beckham, James Island, Bishop England.
February 24
State Final Mt Pleasant SC
March 2-3 Ruggerfest (Charlotte)
March 10 (Sunday) Friendlies against St Joseph Prep from Phialdelphia.  4 matches will be played at Oceanside


Teams Participating:

Wando (Boys Varsity + Boys JV / Development)

Oceanside (Boys Varsity + Girls)

Lucy Beckham (Boys Varsity + Boys JV / Development + Girls)

James Island (Boys Varsity + Girls) - back in action after a 4 year hiatus with a girls team!

Bishop England (Boys JV / Development) - back in action after a 4 year hiatus!

Greer (Boys Varsity + Boys JV / Development + Girls)

Spring Hill Columbia (Boys Varsity + Boys JV / Development + Girls)

Cape Fear (Boys Varsity + Boys JV / Development)

Charlotte Tigers (Girls).


Points System (Same as for Rugby Championships):

4 points for a win
2 points for a draw
1 point for losing by 7 or less
1 point for scoring 4 or more tries

Teams decide on the day whether they want to play 10's or 15's. If there is not agreement, the lower number takes precedence. If a team is short on numbers and wants to play 7’s, that’s fine.

If for any reason a team does not have enough to field a full side, the other team can lend players or both teams agree to play with fewer players to ensure a match can be played. If this happens, the game counts for points as per normal, no forfeit. The aim is to get teams out and playing for points no matter what.

A forfeit would only occur if a team is unable to play at all. The team on the winning side of the forfeit gets 5 points.

A team cannot lend more players than it has available to start (for example if a team only has 5 players available on the day, they can't borrow 6 but can borrow 5).

Match durations will be calculated based on the 90 minute rule, irrespective of the format of match being played.

State final (Feb 25) can only be contested by teams based in South Carolina that have participated in the SC Winter league.  The two SC teams with the highest points from the jamborees will play in the final.  Other teams will play on the day as curtain raisers to the state final.

Davis Shepherd cup can only be contested by Charleston area teams who have participated in the SC Winter league (specifically the two with the highest points from the jamborees).